Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For those who haven't checked out this site, I highly recommend it! Zuzana has creative, fun, and short-but-effective workouts. She also has a great section for food and life and her body is totally inspirational. I got today's workout from her site, it's an older one (June 8, 2010) that she called "Sexy Pain Train Workout"

The exercises:
18 rounds of 30s:10s

1) Sumo High Knees
2) Reptile-on-the-run
3) one-leg switching squat
4) push-up and knee-tuck
5) forward/backward jump and touch down (like frog hops forward and back)
6) oblique burpees

my scores:
1) 53, 38, 42
2) 21, 17, 22
3) 11, 11, 13
4) 10, 11, 10
5) 26, 23, 25
6) 6, 6, 6

zuzana's score from June:

1. 77, 36, 27

2. 22, 19, 17

3. 6, 6, 5

4. 12, 9, 8

5. 23, 23, 21

6. 7, 7, 6


I've been really bad about putting up my workout every day, so now i have another HUGE catch up to do. My next post will try to explain each of the moves in the workouts - you'll notice I do a lot of the same moves over and over again (because they work!). My very shot term goal is to get a picture (possibly even a video) of each exercise. at some point I may be able to do full videos of my workouts (but I'll probably need some help). In the meantime, I HAVE been working out, sleeping plenty (I now have the luxury to be able to do that), and trying to eat better - the hardest part for me.
I have also been planning on becoming a licensed personal trainer, I just have to get through money spending for Christmas and my wedding before I can forsee a budget with which to pay for the schooling :).
So - here are the workouts from the past couple of weeks:

(you'll notice in that one ^ that I changed the workout halfway through - I do that sometimes if an exercise is bothering one of my old injuries...)

(this one was another i took from - it was awesome and a great choice because i didn't need a tabata, just a stopwatch. I'm still working on getting a gymboss timer...)

(and here you can see me supplementing after the workout because it felt so good I didn't want to stop!)

one of my own - this one focused a lot of core strength to maintain balance - so i called it the 'ab killer'!

finally we are to yesterday's workout. I changed some of the moves (high knees and ninja jump tucks) because my ankle started 'shouting' at me about the high impact of landing.

this one is from and I usually barely make it through and then am incredibly sore (muscles) for several days. I decided it was time to give it another try, so I did it after yesterday's workout when I felt I could keep on working. :)
I'm a little sore now, but not nearly as much as I have been in the past... touch wood! :)

Hopefully, I will be back with more blogs, more frequently, in the future!
Let me know if there are any topics you're interested in, but don't have time to research... I will happily research and report to you!