Friday, April 27, 2012

Barefoot and Pregnant in the Workforce

The Title was too catchy to pass up!

So, it's true - Thanks to an unfortunate footwear choice this morning, I am barefoot and pregnant in my workplace...

Those shoes are going away... they do NOT get along with my feet!

Thankfully, my wonderful coworkers are quite understanding (and have done the same from time to time)!

Its been a while since I've posted (months!) for a variety of reasons - none of which are particularly good when it comes down to it other than they stack up and make getting to the computer difficult:
1)  I've been working in an office, then
2) going to teach, then
3)  rehearsals or collapsing on the couch.
4) The house is yet to be ready for the baby and while there is very little I can actually do by myself, I'm always trying to 'help.'
5) I am the WORST at resting, even though I know i'm not going to be getting any sleep in a couple weeks, so I tend to work myself into exhaustion and then need several days in bed/on the couch  to recuperate.
6) This means that working out DEFINITELY doesn't happen.  Sometimes yoga or walking does...

On the Fitness front, I have discovered that doing anything resembling  my workouts (that weren't yoga) before baby has set me downward spiraling physically and it takes a week and a half to recuperate from them... so no 'workouts'.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I've been missing my workouts like crazy!  Can't wait to get my bodyrock on...

The good news is that I've managed to stay in pretty decent shape between work and yoga and I'm looking like this these days:

WHOAH, right?  haha
I keep getting random people coming up to me with "you're having a boy, right?"

um.... yes.  how did you know?

Apparently i'm carrying like a typical soon to be mommy of a boy. The part i'm happy about is that that baby  weight is all in the front - all 19lbs of it!

Seems like a long time since I looked like this:

or this:

The awesome thing is that I can still do this:  
that was from yoga 3 weeks ago...whose a strong mama?  
just goes to show that pregnancy doesn't have to change how strong and amazing you are except to make you MORE so.  

anyway.  That's it for now, but hopefully next time won't be so long away and the plan is to bring in a little more life - because being fit is more than just how you workout!