Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh it's been a while

Its funny how life gets in the way. For an update - I've been working out 2 days a week as opposed to the previous 5 days a week. it seems to be working to keep me in shape and not overtax my metabolism, so that's all good. It's been harder to blog now that I have a 30hr/week job! thankfully it's a job that requires (during the school year/season) a lot of heavy lifting and I actually have biceps now!!!!
Unfortunately my working out is going to get really limited starting tomorrow as I'm having surgery on my arm to remove the plates that have been causing some pain. This means 3 months of no heavy lifting (no pushups :( no pullups, etc.) so this blog is about to become 'the spot where I tell everyone about my experiments with working out since I'm super limited by an 'injury'.'
So, along those lines, does anyone have any suggestions for workouts I can do that don't involve my arm?