Monday, October 3, 2011

Life in the real world as a fitness buff!

Hey folks!
I'm trying to continue blogging on at least a monthly basis, though we'll see how long it lasts - I may just start posting my workouts again! :-P

I'm back to the rehearsal grind at the youth symphony I work at, which means I'm back to lifting and pushing things that often weigh as much, if not more, than I do! The other bright side is that I have lots of time in the morning to do as long or as intense of a workout as I want... Or I can take a the time to do a nice long yoga session. :)

I've been doing some awesome reading lately. I totally discovered Google Reader (about time, right?) and I'm loving having all my favorite blogs in one place. It has also gotten me to discover a couple other new ones! Here are some I've been reading that you might enjoy:

Predictable? Perhaps, but I enjoy them every moment I spend reading them! :)

Since I'm here, I want to send you with some lifestyle thoughts to go away with:

Sleep - what are your sleep habits and how do you feel when you wake up?
Exercise - what are your exercise habits and how do you feel after your workouts?
Food - what are your eating habits and how do you feel after eating?

Identifying your own habits will help you to stay on your journey towards health!